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Attorney Dennis Bradley, Chairperson

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The Legal Redress Committee shall: Investigate all cases reported to it; supervise all litigation in which the Unit is interested; and keep the National Office and the Branch informed on the progress of every case. It shall not give general legal advice.



Since 1909, the NAACP has maintained a legendary legacy for fighting legal battles to win social justice for all Americans. The NAACP Legal Department maintains an active docket of Civil Rights cases, frequently in conjunction with a team of cooperating lawyers around the nation who work daily in the courts alongside the Legal Department to address Civil Rights violations and forge the way in the fight to prevent the erosion of Civil Rights law in this country.




If you believe that you have been the victim of a Civil or Human Rights wrongful action and want to file a complaint with the Greater Bridgeport NAACP Branch and have the organization investigate your complaint, you MUST submit a formal Complaint Form.

Here are the steps and sequential actions for submitting a complaint and it being processed by the Greater Bridgeport NAACP Branch:

1. Applicant obtains and completely fills out a Greater Bridgeport NAACP Branchh Civil Rights Complaint Form.

2. Applicant submits the completed Complaint Form to the Greater Bridgeport NAACP Branch.

3. The Greater Bridgeport NAACP Branch date and time stamps Complaint Form upon receipt.

4. The Greater Bridgeport NAACP Branch's Legal Redress Committee (LRC) reviews received Complaint Forms for completeness and to determine the dynamics of the complaint and potential         course(s) of action for complaining applicant and ultimately, resolution of the issue.

5. The Greater Bridgeport NAACP Branch LRC contacts the complainant to:

a. Request additional or collaborating information, if needed. Schedule an appointment with the complainant, if there's sufficient evidence of a wrong doing or actionable offense,

b. If LRC determines that the complaint does NOT have merit for action, advise the complainant of this and the reason(s) why.

6. Interview the complainant and have complainant complete applicable waiver and authorization forms.

7. Determine the best course of action to obtain resolution of the complaint.

8. Pursue recommended course of action. When necessary, refer complainant to Legal Counsel/Resources.

9. Develop and maintain detailed documentation for each case.

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